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Since 1976, Armor Fence Concepts has been a proud part of the Tustin community. Our licensed and insured local fencing company specializes in stunning, high-quality, distinctive fence solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Our fencing specialists are here to give you the top-notch service you deserve because they have experience with all kinds of fence installation, replacement, and repair. Our humble family business was founded on family, and we remain committed to bringing our clients and staff into that welcoming fold. We offer attractive, beautiful fences, superb workmanship, outstanding professionalism, and first-rate client care. For a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call today!

Fencing Services

At Armor Fence Concepts, we are known for achieving the particular goals of each of our unique clients. We offer many solutions to Tustin fencing, from entirely one-of-a-kind, custom designs to straightforward vinyl, chain link, or wood fencing. Your fencing contractor in Tustin will consider all of your concerns and create a unique fence that satisfies all of your exact requirements. Whether safety is your first concern or aesthetics are more important to you, we’ll meet all of your goals and use our knowledge to help you get the exact look you desire. Unlike some fencing companies, who could be constrained by their simple, generic solutions, we go above and beyond to meet your needs.

There’s a good probability that you’ve already seen our work if you’ve seen any eye-catching, fashionable fences around town. You might be unsure of the specific design options you should choose, but our local fencing company in Tustin is always happy to speak with clients about the many design and material options we provide. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we’ll be there for you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to manufacture to installation and cleanup. If you want the best fencing company in Tustin, give Armor Fence Concepts a call!

We offer all the most popular fencing options, including:

Chain Link Fencing

You’ll undoubtedly find yourself looking for Tustin chain link fencing if you require adaptable, affordable fencing for a residential, industrial, or commercial property. Customers appreciate the security that these popular fences offer, and your local Tustin fencing service can go into further detail about the different advantages they offer. If you require further security, we also carry barbed wire, razor ribbon, and anti-climb micromesh fencing.

The traditional chain link is a great option if you’ve been looking online for a “local fencing company near me” to increase the safety and security of your commercial or residential building, mark property lines, fence in a tennis court, baseball field, or soccer field, create a dog pen, or meet another important need. Our specialists will visit your property with you and make recommendations as they help you choose the best fencing solutions for your specific requirements. Give us a call right away for the best chain link fencing Tustin has to offer!

Ornamental Fencing

Fences solve countless problems, such as keeping your pets and family safe, improving security, and drawing boundary lines around a property. Everyone can agree that fences serve a very practical purpose, but many business owners and homeowners value curb appeal just as much as practicality. That’s why we promise the most unique and decorative Tustin fences for our style-conscious clientele. Maybe you love mixed-material, modern fences, or perhaps you prefer the ever-impactful, timeless, dramatic, and bold wrought iron fencing. Whatever your style preferences, we’ll offer you solutions that forever transform the appearance of your property.

We believe that if you ask your neighbors in Tustin, “Who is the greatest fencing contractor near me?,” you’ll hear about our small business more than once. Because of that referral, we hope you’ve come across some of the artistic ways we approach fence fabrication. We’ll use the finest metals, highest-quality woods, and most up-to-date designs to create a long-lasting, sturdy fence that ensures all the unmatched aesthetic appeal you deserve. Our fences aren’t just eye-catching and fashionable, but they also require little upkeep. We build the most Pinterest-worthy, exquisite ornamental fences you’ll find anywhere in Tustin.

Wood Fencing

When you’re thinking about wood fencing in Tustin, calling Armor Fence Concepts should be your one and only priority. Our premium wood fencing is stunning, exceptionally long-lasting, and adored by all. We can give you the look and quality you want using materials like cedar, redwood, and other hardwood species. To ensure that your individual requirements are met, we also offer professional painting and staining services.

You can choose from a wide range of options with our incredible array of Tustin wood fencing solutions, including dog-eared, log poles, tongue and groove, cap and trim, ranch rails, split rails, and privacy fencing. We guarantee that your entirely original fence will give your property the gorgeous, enhanced appearance you desire. You can choose the exact gate, frame, hardware, style, and wood species that fit your style preferences. You’ll be astounded by the elegance and beauty that a wood fence can bring!

Vinyl Fencing

When our customers read about the various benefits of vinyl fences, many of them are in awe. We often find that customers who initially pursue wood fencing ultimately choose their glossier, lower-maintenance, and longer-lasting vinyl counterpart. When you learn that vinyl fences are more reasonably priced than wood fences and that they also never rot, you might find yourself looking for the best vinyl fencing near me. If you think Tustin vinyl fencing might be right for you and your property, take a look at the amazing selection we offer at Armor Fence Concepts.

White fences give your home a clean, sharp, and beautiful look, whereas colored vinyl fencing gives your yard a striking and eye-catching facelift. Ranch rail fencing is a rustic and inviting choice, privacy fences are ideal for people who value solitude, and picket fences are charming and traditional. You can be confident you’ll receive the best vinyl fencing Tustin has to offer because we promise limitless design and color options.

We also offer:

Automatic Entry System Installation and Maintenance

24/7 Emergency Automated Entry System Service

Swing Gate Installation

Security Gate Services

Gate Repair

Emergency Fence Repairs

Sliding Gate Installation

Fence Repair

Custom Gate Fabrication and Installation

And More!

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