Residential Ornamental Fencing

At Armor Fence Concepts, we understand that the privacy and security of your property in Lake Forest, CA, are important. We also know that creating an aesthetically pleasing space is important to your peace of mind and how you feel about your property. With our beautiful residential ornamental fencing services, you can create the private property that you have always dreamed of.

We use the highest quality of metal and other materials to create a sturdy residential ornamental fence that you can always count on. Our fences will be built to last, will be easy to maintain, and will provide you with the safety and security that your property deserves. Read on to learn more about our fences and services here in Lake Forest, CA.

Eye-Captivating Residential Ornamental Fencing

Our ornamental iron fences can be a great addition to your security and privacy here in Lake Forest, CA. Our skilled fencing experts are more than happy to answer any of your questions and resolve your concerns so that you can get the very most out of your residential ornamental fence. Since 1976, we have worked tirelessly to provide all of our customers with a memorable customer service experience.

Read on below to learn more about our residential ornamental fencing solutions, and contact us today at (949) 215-3400.

Ornamental fences are a great way to elevate the way your home or business looks. We have traditional decorative fences and we also offer customizable fence options. This type of fence is also great for security since we can enhance its length, add spear pointed tips and we can also make the fence curve outward for security.

Customized Ornamental Fencing

Are you interested in customizing your next fence? At Armor Fence Concepts, we will work with you to make your fence ideas come to life. If you already have an idea of what you want, you can show us pictures, and we will replicate it. We will also talk with you if you are unsure of your vision. Our team will help you plan the fence out and suggest design elements. Throughout the process, we will be there for you.

Low Maintenance & Long-Lasting Fences

Ornamental fences are made with different types of metals that can sometimes rust. To prevent this from happening, our team uses various tools like metalizing services and hot-dip galvanizing. By applying our special techniques to your fence, you can trust that it will last a long time. Call today to schedule a free estimate.