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Armor Fence Concepts has been a household name in the Newport Beach community since 1976. Our licensed and insured local fencing company specializes in stunning, high-quality, distinctive fence solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Our fencing professionals are skilled at installing, repairing, and replacing every type of fence, making them well-equipped to give you the superior service you expect. Our small business is built on the concept of family, so we are dedicated to making both our clients and staff feel like important members of our own family. We work hard to provide excellent client service, the highest level of professionalism, excellent craftsmanship, and a spectacular, eye-catching finished product. We’ll be pleased to arrange a free, no-obligation estimate for you, so give us a call today!

Fencing Services

Armor Fence Concepts is known by our loyal customers as the team that brings each client’s one-of-a-kind visions to life. Our Newport Beach fencing solutions are virtually unlimited, whether you’re interested in a conventional chain link, vinyl, or wood fence or you want us to build an ornate, entirely custom fence. Your fencing contractor in Newport Beach will take into account every challenge and goal as we build a totally unique fence that meets all of your needs. We’ll pay great attention to your needs and draw on our significant knowledge to build the fence you want, whether safety is your first priority or you want to use your new fence to enhance the aesthetic of your property. Unlike other fencing companies that might only have access to basic, one-size-fits-all fencing products, we will go to great measures to build a custom solution that surpasses your expectations.

If you’ve seen noteworthy, beautiful fences in Newport Beach, you have probably already seen our work up-close and personal. If you’re unclear about the types of materials and styles you should pick, our local fencing company in Newport Beach would be happy to guide you through the design and selection processes. We’ll be there for you through every step of the process, from the first consultation to manufacturing to setup and cleanup, to guarantee your full satisfaction. If you demand the premier fencing company in Newport Beach, reach out to us today!

We offer all the most popular fencing options, including:

Chain Link Fencing

If your commercial, industrial, or residential property needs versatile, competitively priced Newport Beach chain link fencing, we have the team and materials for the job. Customers like the security that these well-liked fences provide, and your neighborhood Newport Beach fencing service can explain more about the various benefits they provide. We also offer razor ribbon, barbed wire, and anti-climb micromesh fences if you require an even higher level of security.

When you search online for a “local fencing company near me,” you’ll probably learn that the conventional chain link is a great option to enclose a soccer field, tennis court, or baseball field, enhance the security of your commercial or residential building, create a dog pen ,fence in the perimeter of your property, or satisfy other practical needs. To choose the best type of fencing for your needs, our specialists will inspect your property and speak with you. If you want the best chain link fencing Newport Beach has to offer, get in touch with our professionals today.

Vinyl Fencing

Many of our clients are astounded to discover the many benefits of vinyl fences. Clients often come to us intending to buy wood fencing but end up changing their minds once they see how resilient, effortless to maintain, and stunningly glossy vinyl is. YAfter learning that vinyl fences are more reasonably priced than wood fences and that they also never rot, you might begin looking for the best vinyl fencing near me. If you’re considering Newport Beach vinyl fencing, look no further than the many high-quality options available at Armor Fence Concepts.

Colored vinyl fencing makes a bold and head-turning addition to any property, while white fencing provides a bright, high-contrast, fresh look. RPicket fences are classic and attractive, privacy fences are ideal for those who value solitude, and ranch rail fencing is a charming and rustic choice. We guarantee the best vinyl fencing Newport Beach has to offer with our various style selections.

Ornamental Fencing

Fencing is a smart solution to many problems, including creating boundaries, enhancing security, and keeping your pets safe. Fencing is unquestionably useful, but many business owners and homeowners value curb appeal highly as well. As a result, we provide our clients with the most striking and aesthetically beautiful Newport Beach fences. You might prefer a contemporary, mixed-material design or wrought iron fencing’s powerful, striking, conventional, and ageless look. Whatever option you decide on, we have a solution that will completely change the way your exterior looks.

We believe you’ll hear about us frequently if you ask your Newport Beach neighbors, “Who is the best fencing contractor near me?” As a result, you probably have a basic understanding of our special, distinctive method of fence manufacturing. We’ll build a fence that guarantees all the unmatched visual appeal you want and lasts for years and years by using the highest-quality metals, the best woods, and the most contemporary designs. Our fences are not only strikingly beautiful, but they are also simple to maintain. We make the most magnificent, Pinterest-worthy ornamental fences you can find anywhere in the Newport Beach area.

Wood Fencing

When you’re considering wood fencing in Newport Beach, contacting Armor Fence Concepts should be your first and only goal. Our wood fencing solutions are universally-loved, beautiful, durable, and high-quality. With wood species options like cedar, redwood, and more, we’ll give you the quality you deserve and the look you demand. Since we want your expectations to be exceeded in every way, we finish the job with your choice of professional staining or painting.

Among the many options available in our extensive selection of Newport Beach wood fencing are privacy fences, split rails, ranch rails, cap and trim, log poles, dog-eared, and tongue and groove. We ensure complete personalization and a stunning, exceptional appearance. You can choose the precise wood species, design, hardware, gate, and frame that speaks to you. You’ll be astounded by the elegance and beauty that a wood fence can bring!

We also offer:

Automatic Entry System Installation and Maintenance

Fence Repair

Custom Gate Fabrication and Installation

Swing Gate Installation

Sliding Gate Installation

Gate Repair

24/7 Emergency Automated Entry System Service

Security Gate Services

Emergency Fence Repairs

And More!

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