Keep Your Space Secure

Our team at Armor Fence Concepts knows it's important to keep your home and business safe from any threats, so we will install automatic entry systems. Not only will our team build you a reliable fence, but we are also able to install automatic gates, keypads, intercoms and more to ensure your safety.

Customize Your Gate

No matter what type of fence you are working with, we will help you increase your security by adding automated entry systems. Depending on your home, neighborhood or business, we are able to customize the entry features so that it makes the most send for your space. Our systems allow you privacy, security and convenience.

Safely Enter & Exit Your Buildings

If you own a business, we are able to give each employee either a code, key card or key fob so that when the employee makes it past the gate, you are alerted that they have arrived at work. It is a great way to keep track of visitors and how long they have been in the building. This idea can also be used for homes and neighborhoods.

Emergency Repairs

We offer each customer 24/7 emergency service so that no one is ever stuck in or out of the property.